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Ideal for agencies, brand managers, marketing departments, and printers as well as centralized service providers, Aproove is a digital content collaboration solution that delivers everything you need to enable 24/7 online proofing, real-time collaboration, detailed analytics, and digital content access, sharing, approval, and archiving.

Aproove integrates smoothly into your existing website, DAM, MAM, ERP, or MIS system, and it offers an easy-to-use interface that simplifies and streamlines document review, annotation, and approval. With Aproove, your organization can:

  • Make online collaboration and reviewing quick and easy for all your team members, clients, partners, and collaborators.
  • Collaborate in on high-res documents in real time with instant screen notifications, chat, annotation sharing, zoom, and intuitive markup tools.

  • Use efficient project management tools to simplify complex job routing and approvals and automate common production tasks and file processes.  Easily follow your queries, manager feedback using color codes, and make decisions.
  • Easily generate analytics using real-time dashboards, and send reports automatically via email.

  • Count on a lightweight and secure architecture to smoothly integrate with your existing infrastructure.
  • Get a powerful review and approval solution that works with your budget.
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