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Digital Asset Management (DAM) 101

Thanks to mobile devices and social media, you can reach more customers with targeted messages than ever before.

How do you take advantage of new opportunities without getting bogged down?

DALIM video tour

Social media and devices like tablets and smartphones have given your organization more ways to reach more customers with messages that are more targeted and relevant than ever before. So how do you take advantage of these new communication opportunities without getting bogged down in the complexities of content creation, production, project management, and delivery?

DALIM's highly efficient and scalable solutions for workflow automation, production management, job tracking, and soft proofing help global creative organizations streamline and simplify their media workflows. Reduce production times from months to minutes, and free your staff to spend time on marketing strategy and creative execution.

DALIM ES Digital Marketing Collaboration

DALIM SOFTWARE delivers a streamlined customer-facing environment

DALIM Dialogue Engine - Annotations Overview

DALIM ES New Media Annotations

Soft Proofing powered by DALIM SOFTWARE

Episode 1 of 5 Things TWIST

Episode 2 of 5 Things TWIST


Why Dalim?

DALIM solutions help leading creative organizations, enterprises, publishers, and printers accelerate cross-media workflows so they can boost capacity, reduce operating expenses, and consistently deliver high-quality output that enhances brands and drives business success.

Comments and requests for corrections are stored in a centralized database, helping you avoid data communication issues


The DALIM ES digital media asset management solution brings powerful automation to your project management, soft proofing, information management, and multi-channel content publishing workflows.

Why do you need ES?

Whether you’re producing a newspaper advertisement, catalog pages, or a series of labels for a bottle, project management is a complex undertaking. You have to produce, manage, transform, and share digital content using the appropriate tools and working with the right people — anytime, anywhere.

The most complete web-based tool set, DALIM ES brings together the technical aspects of production with the lifecycle business workflow of multi-channel content. Based on standard, open technology, ES allows seamless integration with third-party applications ranging from MIS or ERP systems to very specialized prepress applications for labels and packaging production.

ES lets you plan, execute, and control any aspect of media production for any type of output, including print, web, eBooks, and movies. ES also offers an intuitive and responsive user interface in a standard web browser and/or on mobile device apps such as the Apple iPad.


Easily and seamlessly integrate ES into your existing third-party applications, databases, and/or custom web sites to implement additional features, such as soft proofing, file transformations, and more.

Easily and seamlessly integrate ES into your existing third-party applications, databases, and/or custom web sites to implement additional features, such as soft proofing, file transformations, and more.

Dalim MAM : Media Asset Management

DALIM'S Media Asset Management module includes a variety of essential features through a suite of modules. MAM is available in a Classic and Enterprise edition which adds two additional modules.

Eliminate data duplication and save disk space by connecting ES to any file system.

Quickly search metadata across all assets

The HTML5-based Virtual View offers simple annotation tools for quick markup and approval of multi-page documents.

Revision Management

Revisions are typically managed based on file names. ES MAM provides a clear revision history and offers both automatic and manual version management. Team members can clearly see the number of active revisions, the current version, and the number of waiting revisions.

Multi-level Approval Workflow

Define roles for each team member in the approval process, from Reviewers who can’t impact page status to Approvers who can trigger status changes to Gate Keepers who can bypass and overrule others. Users get notifications only when their contributions are required, which ensures an efficient workflow.

Status Tracking

Files and metadata are constantly monitored for changes. Project stages, contributors, and status messages are updated on the fly. Steps are color-coded for a clear view of job progress.

Document Editing Made Easy

Control documents with check-in/check-out features that let users download and edit on their local systems and then upload the edited files for automatic updating in the system.

Deliver files to ES for preflighting via web browsers, hot folders, or FTP.

Smart folders in action

With Custom Job Tickets, any metadata relevant to your project can be collected, indexed, and forwarded to the appropriate user or connected system.

Easily and seamlessly integrate ES into your existing third-party applications, databases, and custom websites.

Dalim MAM Enterprise

Upgrading to the Enterprise edition adds two more modules:

Workflow Editing

Easily and seamlessly integrate ES into your existing third-party applications


DALIM TWIST is a fully automated premedia job processing system that streamlines the creation of a wide variety of file types and automates your internal production workflow processes. The industry’s first enterprise-level solution, DALIM TWIST is used by some of the most successful companies in publishing, advertising, catalogues, retail, government, medical, premedia, and all types of printing — including digital print, gravure, web, and sheet-fed offset. When it comes to developing and managing your production workflows, nothing comes close to DALIM TWIST.

Why do you need TWIST?

In today’s fast-paced world of content delivery, where clients expect quicker file turnarounds and more competitive pricing, you need a solution that delivers efficiency, productivity, and security.

TWIST benefits

Ultimate quality
TWIST delivers high throughput, reliability, and flexibility in demanding environments. You’ll realize significant performance gains with the ability to build an almost infinite variety of processing paths, an extensive modular feature set, and automation of repetitive tasks such as preflighting, file optimization and conversion, color management, and trapping.

Associated with noted industry organizations GWG and Fogra and a strategic partner to companies such as Adobe Systems and GMG, DALIM Software ensures that file quality exceeds industry standards.

Ultimate automation to increase efficiency

TWIST - the powerful preflight engine normalizes files if required, ensuring ultimate predictability.

IOI can install TWIST as a stand-alone system or seamlessly integrate its features into a Xinet® workflow.

What's New in TWIST 7

  • Enhanced performance with up to four times the speed of the previous version.
  • Ability to monitor FTP servers and receive files via email, making it easier for printers and MSPs to receive customer files, along with the usual hot folder and WEBLINK support.
  • Extended metadata-handling abilities and new tools for the creation and conversion of a multitude of image files, including layer support and BigTIFF (>4GB), making it easier to handle large files for point of sale and sign applications.
  • Updated VisualCompare tool for more efficient quality control and greater support for adding printers’ marks on multi-page documents. For example, you can now compare an incoming file from a customer with the final, print-ready version, to see if any errors were introduced during production. Or, compare the plate output of two different RIP technologies to identify potential ripping errors. Even compare a single piece of artwork with the same file on a complete imposed form, and TWIST 7 will automatically identify the location of single reference file on a large form.

Solutions for your industry

DALIM Solutions for your Industry

IOI works with organizations in many industries to integrate DALIM and streamline your workflow while simultaneously generating higher quality work.

Click your industry to the left or get in touch with us to request a demo.


Looking for every advantage to help keep profits up in tough times? With DALIM workflow automation and soft-proofing solutions, your marketing organization can deploy resources the most efficiently, while delivering timely, targeted, engaging content to prospects and customers -- faster than ever before.

  • Eliminate time-intensive and error-prone manual production workflows to save money and get communications out the door faster.
  • Create content for catalogs, direct communications, ads, and offers once, and then automate file production and delivery to print, web, and mobile platforms.
  • Accelerate review and approval processes by enabling stakeholders to view and comment on high-resolution files anytime, anywhere.


Packaging eye candy sells products, which is why creative organizations, enterprises, and printers put so much time and effort into getting it right. DALIM solutions help you easily track and approve digital files for complex packaging projects-and then process those files with consistent, high-quality results.

  • Give all project participants a centralized location in which to track project status.
  • Let stakeholders review, annotate, and approve high-resolution, color- accurate packaging files from anywhere in the world using just a web browser on any device.
  • Automate repetitive printing tasks such as preflighting, file optimization and conversion, color management, and trapping to eliminate errors and deliver quality output faster.


To be successful, ad agencies need to do more than just create effective campaigns. They also need to manage their workflows efficiently so they can minimize overhead and maximize profits. With DALIM solutions, agency staff can easily keep track of all the moving parts, meet every deadline, and deliver the exceptional work clients demand.

  • Give internal staff and external clients instant, secure, and controlled access to your shared digital assets so everyone has the files and information they need.
  • Speed up review cycles as well as time-to-market with web-based viewing, annotation, and approval of digital files.
  • Take advantage of a centralized workflow server to automate processing and delivery of a wide variety of file types for a wide range of media needs.


Does your marketing organization need to do more with fewer resources? DALIM solutions help enterprise marcom teams run their internal processes more efficiently, ensuring that they can accelerate delivery of content and campaigns and maintain strong connections with customers.

  • Efficiently manage and produce marketing assets, and enable automated delivery to the right group of users-whether they're on the creative, production, legal, or executive team-at the right time.
  • Enable smooth collaboration and faster time-to-market with anytime, anywhere file review and approval capabilities.
  • Replace inefficient, hotfolder-based workflows with a fully automated production environment. Automate common tasks such as preflighting, color management, and delivery of print-ready files to all members of your production team.


Trying to carefully manage the business challenges of print publishing? Working to make the most of new digital publishing opportunities? Or perhaps you're doing both? DALIM solutions offer cost-effective ways to boost workflow efficiencies so you can deliver higher quality publications to more readers-and generate greater profits.

  • Efficiently and centrally manage all assets, sections, and versions of a publication to simplify production and speed time-to-market.
  • Enable smoother collaboration and approval processes-especially for distributed teams-with a web-based soft-proofing system that eliminates the time and expense of using paper proofs.
  • Automate repetitive printing tasks-including preflighting, color management, optimization, and delivery of print-ready files-based on the individual specifications of each publication.


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