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You want your brand to be everywhere—in print, on websites, and on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. But you also want your brand to be protected, with logos, typography, color schemes, and imagery presented consistently and professionally across all media, platforms, and geographies. Simply put, you want a broad-reaching, consistent brand experience that builds brand equity.

The iBrams digital corporate design and marketing platform makes this all easy to achieve. This template-based, turnkey solution enables you to centralize the administration of brand communication data while making it available to authorized users around the globe.

  • Deliver customized marketing messages across multiple channels while maintaining strict control of key brand elements.
  • Allow approved users to customize professionally designed documents from anywhere in the world via a web browser—and get exceptional results every time.
  • Achieve faster time-to-market, streamline review and approval cycles, establish true version control, boost productivity, and reduce overhead.
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