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If you’re just getting started with Digital Asset Management, you’re probably finding out that there’s a lot you don’t know. But you can change that.

The Essential DAM Implementation project guide and toolkit from Lauren Philson will help you demystify Digital Asset Management, and choose the DAM that will help your organization do more, faster, and with better ROI.

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Worksheet templates to get the most out of your investment

Download resources for to help plan your metadata strategy and calculate the return on your DAM Investment.

About Lauren Philson

Several years in creative production and operations led Lauren into DAM, where she specializes in enterprise system implementations in both the private and public sectors. Lauren views DAM as a dynamic keystone in any organization’s technology suite and has driven strategic integration projects with product inventory (PIM) and enterprise content management (ECM) platforms. Championing efficiency and overall effectiveness, she emphasizes process and change management alongside technical considerations in order to craft the best possible user experience.


Lauren recently joined the photo agency BFA as their Director of Digital Systems and Strategy. She previously worked for and continues to advise The Rockefeller Foundation on a multi-platform digital systems overhaul. She is also the founder of LP Projects, an independent digital consulting and content production venture that focuses on the intersection between creative, technology and education.


Lauren holds an M.F.A. in Media Arts from Long Island University. She has been a guest speaker for Henry Stewart Conferences and Webinars and is currently authoring an article on DAM frameworks for the Journal of Digital Media Management.

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