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Webinar Resources: The Evolution of DAM

Webinar Recording: The Evolution of DAM

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The Future of Marketing:
Why a Semantic Network?

White Paper: How Semantic Databases are the Future of Digital Asset Management

Visual and Digital Asset Management solution database structures as we know them, have been around since the early 1990’s. We can all agree that these databases have proven their value and revolutionized the way marketing and creative departments have been able to manage, collaborate, and distribute their digital assets. These relational databases are very well suited to flat data layouts, where relationships between data is one or two levels deep. But what if you are looking for a true enterprise level database that creates relationships with ALL of your assets throughout the entire organization?  
Enter the Semantic or Graph Database. These  databases are part of the next evolution of Asset Management, they are aimed at datasets that are geared toward dealing with many more distribution channels and connect an entire organization to a single source of truth. 

Download our White paper How Semantic Databases are the Future of Digital Asset Management to learn the benefits of this amazing technology.

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All marketing content and customer experiences start with business objectives. The right content marketing strategy together with technology can help your marketing team more effectively develop a marketing plan to meet those objectives, and then create and deliver all of the content needed to support the plan. That’s because digital content management solutions bring automation to almost every aspect of the process to address all stages of the omni-channel marketing workflow.


Download whitepaper: CMS and the Future of Content Marketing

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