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Digital Asset Management (DAM) in the Global Enterprise

Organizations functioning within the global market are facing a multitude of marketing challenges these days, from the rise of mobile, web, and social media channels to shifting economic dynamics. For this reason, many forward-looking companies are embracing pragmatic new models that utilize centralization to streamline marketing processes.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems are an intrinsic component of these highly centralized models, providing advantageous storage, access and proofing solutions for digital files. Read the free whitepaper “Digital Asset Management (DAM) in the Global Enterprise” to learn more.

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Winning CFO Backing for DAM

When a company is deciding whether to adopt a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, it's the CFO who will need to give the green light. In his whitepaper "Winning CFO Backing for DAM," creative technology specialist Richard Carroll takes a look at the why's and how's of winning a CFO's approval for DAM. Read Carroll's insightful whitepaper “Winning CFO Backing for DAM” by clicking on the link below.

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Content Marketing Automation

Numerous organizations have increased their ROI and improved their business processes through implementing automation technology. Content marketing automation can streamline business and technical processes through multiple channels, resulting in greater workflow efficiency and a better customer experience. It sounds sensible enough. But how difficult is it to make technology solutions stick? You can ensure a successful conversion by following the steps outlined in the free whitepaper, “Omni-channel Content Marketing Automation: 5 Steps to Achieving Maximum ROI.”

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Online Proofing

Review and approval workflows, even when they utilize digital rather than printed proofs, can suffer from a litany of hurdles. There may be confusion over which team member is currently reviewing a deliverable, and where it is in the approval process. In addition, the look and feel of a product may change due to differences in equipment calibration or hardware displays. And at some work sites, it is difficult to provide feedback in a collaborative way, since team members cannot engage in simultaneous reviews or even view each other’s notes.

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Top 3 Reasons CMO's Can't Live Without a Content Marketing Hub

With new channels and new techniques, marketing today is more powerful – and more complex – than ever. That means more information than for CMOs to track and manage.

Content marketing hubs serve as a crucial tool in addressing this complexity. To learn how a content marketing hub can streamline your work, download the free white paper “3 Reasons Why CMOs Can’t Survive Without a Content Marketing Hub.”

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Why Personalization

No consumer wants to deal with a barrage of advertising on their phone or computer, especially if the ads are irrelevant. However, personalized messages tailored to the consumer’s distinct needs and buying habits can break through the clutter to create a meaningful bond with potential and ongoing customers. This is the power of marketing personalization.

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The Customer Experience

Marketing has always been about creating a meaningful customer experience. What’s different today is that marketing professionals are compelled to deliver that experience through multiple channels, including web, social media, and mobile apps. How can they accomplish this? They can start by utilizing a robust content marketing hub such as CMS. To learn more, download the free white paper, “How Content Marketing Hubs Enable Exceptional Customer Experiences.”

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DAM 101: Getting started with DAM

Getting started with digital asset management and workflow automation? This whitepaper lays the ground rules and must-know information for anyone who is considering implementing a digital asset management system into their workflow.

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eBook: DAM for video

As video has become a crucial part of marketing across all industries, the ability to manage that media has become vital. In this eBook, we help you determine if a DAM solution is right for your organization's media management needs.


Managing Brands for Maximum Profit

In today’s competitive global marketplace, enterprise brand managers have to ensure that their brands get maximum visibility across an ever-increasing number of channels.


A guide to online proofing solutions

The communications strategy is set, the creative direction is clear, and the visual design is coming together – when everything grinds to a halt for review and approval. Learn how digital content collaboration tools can get you moving again.


Marketing automation

Creative organizations are looking to streamline omni-channel marketing efforts on a global scale. This guide details 5 steps to achieving measurable and lasting success with workflow automation solutions.


CMS: The future of content marketing

Though it began as a solution for web content management and publishing, CMS has evolved into a central marketing hub in recent years to address all stages of the omni-channel marketing workflow.


Top 3 reasons CMOs can't live without a content marketing hub

70% of marketers create more content than they did a year ago. The need for more content, more engagement, more leads, follows, conversions, and finite results is swelling. Today’s embrace of social media and digital content has created a new marketing landscape – one that requires a new set of tools to manage marketing teams, integrated strategies, and growing amounts of content. As a result, many CMOs have been tasked to wear a new hat within their organization: the tech hat.


Cheat sheet: The why and how of marketing personalization 

In this new marketing landscape of information overload across video, email and social, personalization is rapidly becoming the most effective way to get your messages heard. By creating a 1:1 marketing relationship with your customers, personalization increases conversion rates and sales.

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