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Today’s most successful brands are expert at content marketing. They engage customers and prospects by delivering relevant content at exactly the right moments across a complete range of digital and traditional media channels.

How do they do it? They use powerful, multi-channel content marketing systems (CMS) to automate many aspects of their creative processes—from strategy, planning, and content development to production, localization, and delivery.

Marketing Automation

IOI customizes and deploys the world’s leading marketing workflow automation technologies, including:

Marketing workflow automation solutions deliver significant business benefits to advertising agencies, corporate marcom departments, and publishing companies. They boost efficiency and accelerate time-to-market by streamlining collaboration, job tracking, and file creation processes. They extend marketing reach by automating delivery of content across a variety of media, formats, and platforms. And they mitigate business risk by reducing errors and improving quality control.



censhare solutions

censhare solutions offer centralized management of media assets; streamlined production of content and publications for print, the web, social media, and mobile devices; and automated content localization so you can more effectively reach a broader range of customers.

You’ll bring consistency to your communications, accelerate time-to-market, and eliminate costly errors—and you’ll be able to put more of your resources into the up-front creative processes that strengthen your brand.

Content Marketing Solutions

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