Discovery Services

Understanding your workflow to maximize productivity

By understanding your unique business objectives and creative production workflows, IOI can help you implement technology solutions that enhance your productivity.

Understanding your workflow

To ensure that every client engagement is a success, we begin with an in-depth Discovery. Our Discovery Services are led by dedicated members of our Professional Services team; they include audits of your existing marketing workflows and content.

During discovery, IOI Professionals spend time with your team to uncover and present:

Your unique business requirements

Review how projects
flow through your

workflow today

Conduct in-depth interviews with key players from creative and IT teams

Shadow users to see precisely how
they perform
production tasks

Identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement in your production environment

Review infrastructure to determine configuration for your specific workflow needs

Comprehensive discovery report detailing our findings

Product recommendations to maximize your production

Discovery Deliverables

Discovery Report
Included in the report is the following:

  • Customer's Current Environment (As-is)

  • Recommendations based on Industry Best Practices

  • Product Strategy

  • Proposed Technology Solution(s)

  • Projected Impact on Business Requirements

Project Plan
Detailed step by step defintion of project tasks and timeline: 

  • Define responsibilities for both IO Integration and Customer project teams

  • Indicate prerequisites and/or dependencies 

  • Create clear deadlines and due dates

Statement of Work (SOW)
A binding document which defines the scope of the project:

  • Assumptions/Risks
  • Caveats
  • Project Guidelines
  • Responsibilities

A detailed estimate is provided that aligns with the statement of work and project plan. This estimate includes products, services and support required for your project.

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Discover Corporate Transformation With Content That is Fast and Efficient! (

Organizations that focus their content management efforts as a core of their digital strategy make better decisions. 

At IO Integration we see that most large organizations have departments that are siloed and their information such as; projects, initiatives, and corresponding data and content involved with those endeavor is closed off from benefiting the company at large. This behavior of separating departments is costly, inefficient, and typically becomes problematic when digital transformation initiatives begin. While removing silos in the past would have been a monumental task, new developments in the digital ecosystem are able to rapidly include remote groups into equal participants in the digital business of today. The problem becomes one of content, or rather, a transformative discovery solution!

Why Marketing Technology Needs To Be Future-Proofed _proof

The world of marketing moves fast and so it only makes sense that the technology behind it is able to keep up with the times but doing so can be expensive business. Research recently found that 28 per cent of marketing executives are now spending more than $100,000 per year on marketing technology, while 54 per cent plan to increase their spending across 2018

This is a large expense for any business — especially if the money is being paid in single instalments — but they don’t need to be spending this much in order to get the most out of their technology both now and in the future. Instead of settling for expensive investments, they should be thinking about what they actually need rather than what they want.


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