Integrated Workflow Analysis

Workflows are integral to content production, delivery, and management.

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First, we strive to fully understand your unique way of doing business. In a typical discovery audit, we spend two to three days at your site determining exactly how assets are handled and how projects flow throughout your enterprise. We conduct in-depth interviews with key players from creative and IT teams, shadow people at their workstations, and review your LAN setup to gain a complete understanding of your specific workflow weaknesses as well as your process strengths.

It may be time to go “meta” and have a partner come in to audit not just your content but your marketing workflows, to make sure your content has maximum effectiveness and the workflows that produce that content are as efficient as possible.

In return, you get faster delivery, improved communications, and reduced overhead.

Here’s the decision formula:

  • If x = Getting an overhead view of content production/strategy alignment is important/needed, then
  • y = Your workflow processes would benefit from the same type of overhaul.

An evaluation of the effectiveness of your business process design around systems integration, service-oriented architecture principles (how your IT systems are set up), simplicity for business users, and performance.


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Integrated Workflow Analysis

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