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We handle day-to-day system management so you can stay focused on your business objectives.

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Our experts help keep your business-critical systems at ready state so you can work and deliver at maximum speed.

IOI has the tools, expertise, and global delivery framework to help you achieve optimal system performance and business results. We offer a complete range of managed solutions for administering, monitoring, managing, and upgrading your systems. We can also help you establish service level agreements (SLAs), key performance indicators (KPIs), and user acceptance testing (UAT) frameworks.

System Administration

IOI can handle administration tasks including user management, log review, system backups, performance assessments, documentation, and managing log books. We can also work directly with our Support team and your key stakeholders to ensure that your systems run smoothly and everyone is aligned in terms of system operations, capabilities, and enhancements.

We can set up advanced systems monitoring, generate reports customized to your needs, and review and discuss those reports with you and IOI Support. Through this service, you’ll get immediate alerts about any performance irregularities and we’ll be able to generate support tickets and engage with Support to resolve issues.

Systems upgrades

We can work with you to schedule software upgrades and operating system patches, and to verify system functionality following these operations. We’ll work with Support to resolve any issues, deliver to the UAT team, and document changes for your records.

We can help you establish your SLA by analyzing your business requirements and defining response times, action plans, and critical service levels. We can help you determine KPIs for archive and backup success, inventory accuracy, software license compliance, monitoring and alerting, and more. And we can work with your UAT team to analyze business requirements, develop a plan, execute tests, provide feedback, validate and resolve reported issues, and confirm business objectives.

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