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Navigating the vast Universe of Technology

Your organization is growing. You know you need to figure out the best solution to manage marketing production and content distribution. You start your search, and quickly realize the daunting nature of the task you have embarked upon.


Technology solutions for marketing and creative organizations range far and wide, from highly-effective niche products to all-in-one marketing platforms and everything in-between.

IO Integration helps organizations just like yours navigate this vast sea of technology and gets you on track to find the solution that meets your unique way of working. By understanding an organization's specific business and workflow requirements, IOI can provide the expertise and industry knowledge to target the specific technologies best suited for for any given environment.

Many Great Systems. Which is right for you?

Most solutions on the market are multi-functional and each has its own area of focus, functionality, and feature set. While many products offer Digital Asset Managemetn (DAM) technology at their core, they differ in details. And that, as they say, is where the devil is.

IO Integration is experienced at determining what is right for each organization’s requirements. What works best for one environment may not work in another. Since everything depends on your specific needs, we work with our clients to understand your unique business objectives, creative workflows, and content.

During consultation with IOI Solution Design Experts, we focus on your main business objectives and ask pointed questions that may have not been considered ensuring a solution that can scale with your organization.


Digital Asset Management

Manage, collaborate, and share assets internally, with partners and customers.


Digital Experience Management

Create relevant experiences throughout the content creation, delivery and engagement lifecycle.


Multi-Channel Marketing

Deliver personalized marketing to targeted consumers seamlessly.


Project & Resource Management

Visibility into every campaign, deliverable and team.


Production Workflow

Automate every step of creative production: collaboration, and file output.


Online Review and Approval

Automate collaboration for your review and approval process


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DAM in the Global Enterprise

Organizations functioning within the global market are facing a multitude of marketing challenges these days, from the rise of mobile, web, and social media channels to shifting economic dynamics. Learn how organizations are leveraging the power of Digital Asset Mangement in global environments.

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