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Your agency's fortunes may be tied to the strength of your creative work and its ability to motivate purchasing decisions, but you still need to run your operations efficiently in order to be viable. You can't just produce terrific campaign—you need to produce them on tight timelines and within strict budgets, and you must be able to scale operations at a moment's notice to accommodate new business.

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IOI's integrated solutions help you streamline workflows so you can stay focused on creative innovation—and IOI's technology experts help you navigate uncharted waters with confidence. With the censhare enterprise content management system (CMS), your agency can automate content creation, production, and delivery to save time, save money, and create a more consistent and engaging brand experience. censhare enables agile, omni-channel marketing with tools that help you quickly deliver content across multiple platforms, devices, and media channels—and even localize that content to better control your messages and forge stronger connections with customers all over the world.


The Aproove online proofing and collaboration system keeps assets and communications from getting bogged down in the review process. Aproove delivers all the tools your team members and clients need to access, review, mark up, and sign off on high-res versions of your files.


The DALIM ES soft proofing system also automates review and approval workflows, enabling creative and production staff to quickly share ad layouts with art directors and other distributed team members—who can then quickly review, annotate, and approve online. It also helps organizations efficiently manage and traffic all of their projects with powerful job-tracking features.

North Plains' Xinet

With North Plains' Xinet, you can manage digital assets and automate production tasks more efficiently than ever before. Xinet enables team members to easily access, manage, and distribute ads and component assets via a central location. Xinet puts all of your agency's work on a single server and automatically generates FPOs that both creative and production groups can use, while allowing you to create secure, custom-branded portal sites for your clients.


DALIM TWIST complements Xinet workflows by automating the finishing and delivery of PDF/X1a files to print providers.

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