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Ready to take full advantage of custom publishing at your institution? Your recruitment office can personalize its outreach communications to create stronger connections with prospective students. Instructors can create classroom publications that bring together primary sources, copyrighted content, and personal lecture material—and cost significantly less than traditional textbooks. And student organizations can use templates to reduce production time on flyers, posters, and newsletters.



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IOI's offers robust technology solutions and publishing expertise, making it easy and cost-effective for you to bring personalized communication and custom publishing on campus.

The Aproove online proofing and collaboration system helps faculty, staff, administrators, and students speed up content review and approval cycles. Aproove offers an easy-to-use, web-based toolset for accessing, reviewing, marking up, and signing off on high-res documents of all types—saving your institution time and money.

The DALIM ES soft-proofing server also enables multiple contributors to review and approve ready-to-print documents via a web browser. Team members in different locations can easily access and review high-res files—and they’ll see the colors as they’ll appear in the final print. DALIM ES offers version control and real-tine status tracking as well.

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