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Social media. Streaming video. New mobile devices everywhere you look. With so many innovations in communication technology, your marketing organization has exciting new opportunities to reach customers with meaningful, targeted content. But these opportunities also bring new challenges as you must create, manage, and deliver greater numbers of brand communications—and you must work harder to maintain an exceptional customer experience as your campaigns send messages and assets to an ever-widening variety of media.

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IOI helps you meet these new challenges and strengthen your brands with powerful solutions for content and customer experience management, digital asset management (DAM), and digital soft proofing.

North Plains

North Plains' Xinet simplifies the production and distribution of assets for cross-media campaigns. By combining file-based production tools with the efficiencies of web-based distribution, Xinet ensures that all brand contributors can use a single system to access assets, view versions, open native layout files, track activity, and verify usage rights for compliance purposes.

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