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Whether you deliver traditional print publications, digital publications, or both, you’re working harder than ever to attract and retain readers and advertisers.


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Long a trusted partner to publishing organizations, IOI delivers cost-effective workflow solutions that help accelerate delivery of more content to more customers—however they choose to consume it. You can increase your productivity with tools such as the North Plains' Xinet digital asset management system (DAM), which enables production teams and editors to collaborate on pages in real time. Xinet makes it easy to convert print file formats to web formats, allowing for quick repurposing of content between media. And the application’s intuitive, web-based tools give freelancers and advertisers the ability to upload metadata-embedded files directly into production.

The censhare enterprise content management system (CMS) unifies all phases of the content marketing process, from content creation to production to delivery in multiple languages across a complete range of digital and print media. With censhare, you can build a more engaging customer experience by delivering customized content to more readers in more places, faster than ever before.

The Aproove proofing and collaboration system streamlines content review and approval cycles, delivering an intuitive set of web-based tools for accessing, annotating, and signing off on high-res versions of your publications and other marketing communications.

DALIM TWIST enables you to preflight files and ads coming into production, and it offers auto-correction of common issues such as ink density, incorrect color space, trapping issues, and PDF/X1a authentication. TWIST also routes files to the correct publication, and it builds email notifications and approval cycles into the workflow.  And the DALIM ES remote proofing system eliminates the time and expense associated with using paper proofs. It offers color-accurate, monitor-based proofing, allowing collaborators to share, review, and mark up proofs in real time or at their convenience from any web-enabled device. And DALIM ES delivers built-in project management features—such as version control and real-time status tracking—that speed up approvals and promote effective team collaboration.



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