Brand Management

Extend your brand into the world and still speak with one voice.

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You work hard to get your brand communications out into the world, where they can engage customers at every possible print and digital touch-point. At the same time, you want those communications to speak in one voice and show a familiar face—with messages, logos, typography, color schemes, and imagery all presented with consistency, integrity, and polish. Simply put, you want a far-reaching, consistent brand experience that builds brand equity.

Brand management solutions help you achieve your objective. They enable you to centralize the administration of your brand communication data while still making it available to colleagues, clients, and partners around the world.

censhare CMS and North Plains OnBrand are two exceptional enterprise brand management solutions. With these systems, you can make brand documents available online as templates and then allow authorized users to customize them in an environment that locks down key brand elements. So your team members can always access the sales and marketing materials they need; customize those materials for their unique campaigns, regions, or customers; and be certain that the final materials are in line with established brand guidelines.

Key benefits of Brand Management solutions:

  • Iron-clad brand control ― Brand images and the look-and-feel of templates stay the same from start to finish. The pre-approved, already designed templates of marketing materials, sales collateral, catalogs, advertisements, and more can be made available online for access at any time. In customizing a document, a user can only change the items in a document according to access rights. This ensures that all materials maintain message and brand integrity.
  • Faster delivery ― Expedite time-to-market by streamlining the process of preparation for collateral, sales pieces, ads, catalogs, and email campaigns.
  • Personalization and customized discounts ― Allow targeting and personalization of sales, advertising, and marketing material at the local level, including special offers for specific customer segments.
  • Campaign-specific ROI ― Enhance the ability to track direct marketing expenditures and cross-media campaign ROI.
  • Creative focus ― Quickly re-purpose assets for cross-media, spending less time preparing files and more time being creative.
  • Fast-track review and approval cycles ― Accelerate approval and ordering processes in real time.
  • Version control ― Template-based system ensures that the currently valid version of a document is always used.
  • Competitive edge ― Deliver faster, more efficiently, and with the ultimate in brand quality control for a definitive edge over the competition.
  • Save time and money ― Automate time-consuming, labor-intensive processes, shorten workflows, reduce waste and storage, and enable more to be accomplished in less time.
  • Reduce overhead ― By performing the same tasks with fewer resources, you'll deliver faster and free up time to focus on more strategic tasks.