Brand Management

Extend your brand into the world and still speak with one voice.

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You work hard to get your brand communications out into the world, where they can engage customers at every possible print and digital touch-point. At the same time, you want those communications to speak in one voice and show a familiar face—with messages, logos, typography, color schemes, and imagery all presented with consistency, integrity, and polish.

Brand management solutions help you achieve both objectives. They enable you to centralize the administration of your brand communication data while still making it available to colleagues, clients, and partners around the world.

censhare CMS, North Plains OnBrand, and iBrams are three exceptional enterprise brand management solutions. With these systems, you can make brand documents available online as templates and then allow authorized users to customize them in an environment that locks down key brand elements. So your team members can always access the sales and marketing materials they need; customize those materials for their unique campaigns, regions, or customers; and be certain that the final materials are in line with established brand guidelines.