Cross-Media Publishing

Create content and deliver it across a range of devices and platforms.

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With the help of automated and dynamic cross-media publishing solutions, your organization can efficiently create content and deliver it in a variety of formats for a range of devices and platforms.

IOI helps advertising agencies, marcom departments, and publishers produce their communications more quickly and cost-effectively with powerful cross-media publishing solutions from leading technology providers, including:


censhare solutions enable media-independent production of all content, so you can create once and then quickly deliver across a complete range of channels-from print to digital, desktop to mobile.

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DALIM TWIST is a premedia job-processing system that streamlines the creation of a wide range of file types and automates your internal production processes.

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CHILI Publish

CHILI Publisher is an online publishing engine that lets you build professional layouts and editing tools right into your existing web applications.

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Cross Media Publishing

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