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IOI is a full-service systems integrator with a specialization in deploying North Plains' Xinet digital asset management toolsets to help you easily and efficiently share, manage, and control your digital assets. We’ve developed a set of custom workflow tools that complement the Xinet Suite. Our 400+ Xinet customer installations represent thousands of users and tens of millions of digital assets.

  • Easily search, share, manage, and control digital assets
  • Track users’ asset access
  • Reduce asset localization and publishing time from weeks to hours

Calculating Digital Asset Management ROI

There are a number of ways in which DAM solutions can boost staff productivity, reduce overhead, and mitigate business risk. But because these solutions represent a substantial investment, they need to deliver maximum ROI.

How can your organization calculate the ROI of a DAM solution?


Consider the following benefits, all of which contribute to strong ROI:

DAM solutions reduce costs by increasing efficiencies

  • By helping staff members efficiently store, organize, manage, access, and distribute creative assets, DAM solutions eliminate time-intensive, costly file searches and re-creation of missing assets. (It’s estimated that the typical end user in a creative organization spends 15.5 days out of 200 searching for files, and it can cost a company up to $400,000 each year to re-create lost assets.*)
  • DAM solutions also save time and money by eliminating the need to post files to multiple locations or deliver them via FTP, discs or drives.

Like all software investments, DAM solutions have additional upfront expenses including costs for storage servers, staff training, and IT support. But for large organizations that create, manage, deliver, and archive many thousands of digital assets every year, the ROI of a DAM solution can be significant.

For an in-depth look at getting started with DAM systems and other creative workflow solutions, download our white paper. Or contact IOI to discuss your organization’s unique challenges and needs.

* “Assessing the Value of DAM Systems for Advertising Agencies” © Ron Roszkiewicz

Digital Asset Management

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