Production Workflow

Automate and streamline the production process

The experts at IO Integration can provide you with the optimal solution and processes to help you manage your workflows efficiently, from start to finish.

Whether you’re a large retailer, a corporate marcom organization, or a creative agency, you’re working hard to produce and deliver more content for more customers across more channels than ever before.

Even with the most talented staff, staying on top of projects and delivering on time and within budget can sometimes seem impossible.


IO Integration can help

We have years of experience helping organizations like yours streamline their production workflows. We can put a single, centralized system in place to keep everyone on task and on the same page. We can automate production to help you quickly deliver the right files in the right formats to the right people. And we can remove roadblocks to boost teamwork and help everyone meet their deadlines.


Why adopt a Marketing Production Workflow solution?

  • Help your teams get more done faster by collaborating on projects from anywhere they are.
  • Streamline reviews and sign-offs of high-res files with easy comment and annotation features.
  • Soft-proof color-accurate files to avoid errors and get great results.
  • Easily search, share, manage, and control all your digital assets.
  • Keep everyone moving forward on their tasks with a centralized system for project management.
  • Automate conversion of files to different sizes and formats to save time and deliver to multiple channels.
  • Do it all from a single system that you can customize to match your branding or your client’s branding.

White Paper:
Marketing Automation: 5 Steps to Achieving Maximum ROI

Automation solutions have proven to provide a range of
business benefits: They boost efficiency, lower costs, accelerate
time-to-market, extend marketing reach, protect brand equity,
improve customer experience, and, ultimately, elevate the overall
effectiveness of an organization’s marketing efforts.

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