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Add some of the brightest minds in the business to your team.

From onsite discovery audits to system design and implementation to total workflow and business transformation, our Professional Services team tailors advanced technical and process solutions to your needs and success criteria.

The result? Greater efficiency, faster delivery, more impactful omnichannel communications and reduced overhead.


Our goal: streamline your operations and boost your business.

To achieve this goal, we use a 4-phase methodology that has been fine-tuned over hundreds of customer installations. From start to finish, this process is designed to bring out the best in your organization and your technology.

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1. Discover

We use interactive discovery sessions to help us fully understand your unique way of doing business.

We spend two to three days at your site determining exactly how assets are handled and how projects flow throughout your organization. We conduct in-depth interviews with key players from creative and IT teams, shadow people at their workstations, and review your technology infrastructure to gain a complete understanding of your specific workflow strengths and weaknesses.

Following discovery, we document our findings and deliver details for product recommendation, process improvement, technical solution, and a plan of action to help you achieve maximum ROI.


2. Design

IOI is the premier integrator of digital asset management and workflow solutions, with the creative industry’s best and brightest minds on our development team.

In addition to expertly implementing comprehensive, customized workflow solutions that meet your requirements, we can design custom tools and applications that extend the capabilities of your new and existing systems.

3. Deploy

Once a solution design is approved, our Professional Services team members begin collaborating with your key stakeholders to deploy system components and manage the overall project.

From inception to completion, your IOI project manager is the central point-of-contact, communicating requirements and objectives, providing regular status updates, planning resources and assignments, managing the schedule and change orders, and defining success metrics. Your project manager provides regular status updates as our engineers install, customize and configure. And we thoroughly test each solution component prior to on-time completion.

4. Deliver

Our Professional Service engineers provide your creative and administrative teams with extensive training to ensure they actually benefit from all features of your new systems.

We provide customized training to meet your specific application and business requirements, using a train-the-trainer approach to ensure that knowledge is transferred smoothly and new workflow processes are successfully championed and adopted throughout your organization.

Once you’re up and running, we offer continuous process improvement, upgrades, and maintenance. Our training program is designed to ensure users achieve maximum benefit from your new and existing solutions.

Billable Hours

Our clients regularly achieve 90% billable hours on all projects

Productivity Boost

4x increase in production speeds with a reduction in errors


Costs are recouped in 6-18 months on savings alone.


The IO Integration team offers a range of professional services designed to make creative organizations more productive and profitable. By combining state-of-the-art technology with a comprehensive understanding of creative workflow requirements and challenges, we accelerate the design, development, and deployment of powerful solutions for digital asset management, workflow automation, and a host of production tools.

Our goal is to maximize the return on your technology investment.


1. Brand Management and Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Brand management solutions enable you to centralize the administration of your brand communication data while still making it available to colleagues, clients, and partners around the world. DAM solutions centralize the storage, access, and management of all your digital assets, so you can boost efficiency as well as creative control.

Our services include:

Brand Management strategy

  • Review of organization-wide brand management processes

  • Design brand management strategy, including:

    • Web-to-print functionality

    • Browser-based template customization

    • Workflow management

    • Project and media administration capabilities

    • Branded marketing portal creation


Digital Asset Management (DAM) strategy

  • Review of organization-wide digital asset management processes

  • Design DAM strategy, including:

    • Asset storage and retrieval

    • Versioning

    • Metadata and search

    • Notifications

    • Review and approval features

    • Workflow automation

    • Reports

    • Security features / permissions-based workflows

    • Archiving

2. Workflow management, content management, and marketing automation

These solutions streamline collaboration, job tracking, and file creation processes, and they also help automate many aspects of the creative processes—from strategy, planning, and content development to production, localization, and delivery.

Our services include:

Workflow management and marketing automation

  • Workflow automation analysis

  • Studio/Production workflow audit

  • Workflow and process redesign based on best practices

Content Management Systems (CMS) strategy

  • Review of organization-wide content management processes

  • Design CMS strategy, including:

    • Globalization and localization

    • Targeting and personalization

    • Scheduling, routing, and approvals

    • Team collaboration

    • Rich media integration

    • Social networking and portal integration

    • Multi-channel production and publishing features

    • Analytics, testing and optimization

3. Change Management

To maximize solution performance and achieve immediate success with your new creative workflows, you need to effectively manage change via your people, your processes, and your tools. IOI Professional Services can help.

We work with your leadership to create a sense of urgency and communicate a vision to get everyone on board, remove roadblocks to adoption, and establish a train-the-trainer program to empower champions throughout your organization. We also help you create detailed, easy-to-follow processes based on industry best practices, and we educate your team on how to use your new marketing resource management (MRM) capabilities and other solutions to change the way you work and see immediate returns on your investment.

Our services include:

Business Transformation Strategy

  • Marketing resource analysis—people, time, and money

  • Marketing strategy, channels, processes review

  • Transformation strategy proposal

Marketing Transformation Strategy

  • Realignment strategies—work processes, organizational structure, and technology usage

  • Stakeholder consensus on change, objectives, and vision

  • New organization design

  • Testing and full implementation of the changes

4. Technology Assessment

Our technology assessments are designed to provide an in-depth, objective understanding of your computing infrastructure, its strengths and weaknesses, and its potential for optimization and growth.

Our services include:

Technology Strategy

  • Infrastructure review and consulting

  • Business continuity planning and disaster recovery

  • Performance enhancement and optimization

  • Private cloud and virtualization consulting

Let our Pro Services team transform your organization's workflow.

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