A Case Study

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Arbonne International is a U.S.-based network marketing company that has been manufacturing and distributing Swiss-formulated skin care and other personal care products since 1980. The company operates in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, and markets its products through a network of more than one million independent consultants.

The Challenge

Prior to Xinet®, Arbonne did not have a digital asset management (DAM) system and found it difficult to organize and keep track of their many different files.

Employees were using Adobe InDesign or Quark XPress’ “collect for output” feature, burning documents to CD, sending them off to the printer, and then copying them to a hard drive. As a result, the company found that they were accumulating and storing duplicate image files—any single image might have been saved at least thirty to fifty times, requiring ever-increasing amounts of bandwidth.

Since images were often cropped and re-resized for multiple projects, the search for an original, high quality asset could prove to be arduous and time-consuming. Additionally, with so many images at various stages of retouching, an incorrect file could easily get used in a document instead of the most current, re-touched version.

The Solution

Clean simple image library

Decreasing the amount of time searching and sending out requested files.

Anyone in any department can now search for a specific file and feel confident that it is the most up-to-date version. Users can select the files they need and build their own batch downloads, whether it’s for internal PowerPoint presentations or to provide for various vendors.

With Xinet WebNative® Suite, Arbonne has been able to clean up and simplify its image library, decreasing the amount of time the Creative and Web department spend searching and sending out requested files.

Arbonne’s foreign branches are also kept up-to-date on the newest marketing directive more easily. They can see at any time what the staff is working on, what recently went out to print, and they can download the latest versions of the files they need quickly and easily. When Arbonne creates a marketing piece they often create multiple versions for localized markets, all in different languages, such as Spanish, Canadian English, Canadian French, Australian English and UK English. Using WebNative Suite, each branch can now download the U.S. version, localize the content, and send it back to be redesigned for their specific country. Their process has been cleaned up and simplified.

The Benefits

Dave Courtemanche, production designer at Arbonne has been pleased with how much WebNative Suite has improved the management of the company’s file systems. “Not only does the Xinet system make things easier for our department but it also makes things easier for everyone in the company. Now, nobody has to wait on us to get a file – they know where the assets are, they can search for them by keyword or by part number, and they can do that at anytime from anywhere,” said Courtemanche.


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