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Boden creates clothes that bring color to a
wardrobe and fun to one’s life.

Boden is a leading fashion retailer in the U.K. with over 1200 employees. As Boden continues to build upon their digital transformation efforts, the demand for generating creative assets and content for online efforts required a dynamic automated workflow solution. IO Integration and DALIM were able to help them achieve those goals.

The Challenge

Produce more content in less time to support their digital transformation

Aligning the Creative Process

It’s a very simple formula at Boden: “We’ll sort the clothes, you bring the smile.” Boden can be found not only at high-street shops and concessions, but also in online retail partnerships. Karen Phillipson, Creative Operations Manager, is responsible for making sure the creative teams have the processes and systems they need in order to meet the business requirements.

Boden has been going through a digital transformation. They are reviewing their business processes and technology to ensure they can meet the needs of their global and multichannel customers by providing the right product at the right time, relevant and timely communication, and personalized and localized experiences.

This means their creative teams need to produce more content in a shorter amount of time. And, as photography is a key part of any content they pro- duce, the complexity meant that could no longer rely on folder structures and spreadsheets to find what was available to them.

The Solution

Automated workflows ensure accuracy and accelerate creative operations

The Need for DAM and Automation

Boden adopted a visual and central image library to give their creative and marketing teams access to review their imagery and to know where they were in the production process. In doing so, they wanted to:

  • Search  find images based on key criteria (metadata). Their metadata came from image shots where a lot of technical information could be automatically collected
  • Create automation (through workflows)
  • Assure enterprise connectivity (through integration)
  • Build a creative workflow: facilitate, don’t regulate
  • Future proof (through integration)

BODEN selected DALIM ES after a thorough search. They attended conferences to help them understand what was available. By meeting users during conferences or user groups, they could speak to others about their experiences. They listed their key objectives and scored ES against other solutions, And, just as important as the empirical data, they made sure that there was a bond; a good working relationship that would be needed as one of the keys to the success of the implementation.

“This workflow takes each project from photography, to selecting the best image, preparing materials for page design, creating the pages – and, if necessary, retouching the images”

Karen Phillipson,

Creative Operations Manager, Boden

One of the more important workflows was one that involved image status change and repro integration. This workflow took each project from photography, to selecting the best image, preparing materials for page design, creating the pages—and, if necessary, retouching the images—and sending the page for production.

Other areas of the business are getting new systems as part of Boden’s Digital Transformation Project. Web Content Management and Product information Management are important because they contribute to Boden’s digital objectives.

As with any major project, Boden learned a lot from their experience. According to Karen, anyone who builds a system for themselves should:

  • Make sure they have plenty of time
  • Build in a lot for contingencies, and test from start to finish
  • Make sure the core team is available
  • Do not test and approve on the core team’s behalf – you are not doing anyone a favor by doing so

“Process is key. You need to know what your cur- rent processes are, and be able to map them out to understand how materials are produced,” explains Karen. “Along with mapping the process, we learned to question everything. We wanted to make sure everybody knew why they were doing what they do. Sometimes, you’ll learn that some steps can be removed. By analyzing time spent on each task we can find out where time is lost. All of these activities taught us to think big, but start small. We wanted to make sure that our scope was clear and manageable.”

Finally, one of the significant determinants of success was Boden’s ability to make sure their teams were engaged. “That meant building a core team that would follow us through the process during the discovery period. This included getting IT active in the process. You can’t leave them out,” notes Karen. “We made sure that everyone was involved and informed during all the steps. They were certainly the most valuable assets that ensured our project was successful.”

Boden’s production—both print and online, from photograph through design and creation of final content—has benefited both by ES, and a well-managed process. “In a sense, we sorted out the process, and marketing and design brought the smiles,” concludes Karen.

“Process is key. You need to know what your current processes are, and be able to map them out to understand how materials are produced.””

Karen Phillipson,

Creative Operations Manager, Boden

What BODEN achieves with DALIM ES:

  • Search & find images based on automatically collected key criteria (metadata)
  • Automate workflows for image selection and approvals
  • Assure enterprise connectivity and future proofing through integration
  • Build a creative workflow that facilitates without regulating
  • Asset review and status through a visual, central image library


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