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Founded in 1864, JWT is one of the world’s best-known marketing communications agencies, with more than 200 offices in more than 90 countries. Headquartered in New York City, the agency’s clients include major global brands such as Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Nike, HSBC, Kraft, and Ford.

The Challenge

“We needed a more reliable solution, and to be able to quickly and easily scale our operations as needed to meet demand.”

-Paul Giaime, Pre-Press Technology Manager
JWT New York

To maintain an edge in the marketplace, clients depend on their agencies to roll out creative quickly accurately, and consistently. Over time, JWT felt that its review and approval processes were becoming more cumbersome. It needed to find a way to better meet its clients’ needs—and continue to surpass their expectations.

JWT had been using an outside vendor for soft proofing, and they found that the service was inconsistent, and had become unreliable. Network slowdowns and upload delays were eating up both time and money. “It had become critical for us to streamline our workflows to make processes more efficient,” says Paul Giaime, Pre-Press Technology Manager at JWT New York. “We needed a more reliable solution, and to be able to quickly and easily scale our operations as needed to meet demand.”

The Solution

Cost Effective

Real Time



JWT needed a cost-effective solution that would enable real-time job status tracking, and real-time review and collaboration. To ensure that creative teams stayed in compliance with media licenses, the agency also wanted to implement a digital rights management (DRM) solution. “Our business requirements were pretty complex,” states Giaime. “We hoped we could find a solution through a single vendor— but we weren’t sure whether that was a realistic expectation or not.”

In talking to IO Integration, Giaime found that, by deploying a workflow solution that incorporated DALIM ES and a hub- and-spoke Center of Excellence (COE), he could dramatically improve processes, and enable the agency to be more agile and responsive in the future.

Resolving the reliability issue they had experienced with their previous system was a huge relief for Giaime. “For a global agency that is on the job 24/7, asset management and workflow automation are business-critical systems— downtime isn’t an option,” he remarks. “The reliability of our new solution, plus IOI’s excellent customer support, helps us keep everything running smoothly and efficiently, without hiccups.”

With the success of the current solution, JWT is planning to work with IOI to add its broadcast assets to its North Plains Xinet digital asset management (DAM) system. It also plans to take advantage of the Xinet Video Reel Generator, which will enable the agency to quickly and easily generate video decks and agency reels in-house.

“We look at IOI as a strategic partner. They help us choose the best technology solutions for our business, and they help us deploy them so that we get maximum business value.”

– Paul Giaime, Pre-Press Technology Manager

The Benefits

Benefits Center of Excellence

Benefits of DALIM ES

Benefits Center of Excellence

  • Centralized resources – Allowed us to centralize our digital marketing resources and still allow satellite offices and partners to access the assets and functionality they need.
  • Enhanced access to assets – Standardized metadata makes it faster and easier to locate assets agency-wide
  • Improved processes, reduced risk – By adopting organization-wide best practices, JWT has accelerated production processes, improved communication flow, and reduced resources and business risk
  • Better brand consistency and quality – Improved control of digital assets enables JWT to express clients’ brands more consistently, and with higher quality.
  • Cost-effective – Keeps kept costs low while supporting agency expansion

Benefits of DALIM ES

  • Improved customer service – Clients get the speed and reliability they need
  • Streamlined workflows – Our staff collaborates more smoothly and there are fewer internal bottlenecks
  • Better communication – Project management features keep everyone on the same page
  • Fast ROI – In-house virtual proofing has turned out to be more cost-effective than an outsourced solution, and they recouped upfront costs quickly



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