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UX is key: IO Integration delivers bespoke
project management platform to Nomensa

Established in 2001, Nomensa is a strategic user experience agency that focuses on transforming digital experiences. With offices in Bristol, London and Amsterdam, the agency employs a unique approach to delivering the right experiences for its clients — drawing on the fields of psychology, interaction design and technology. Clients include Argos,, John Lewis, Royal Mail and Virgin Media.

Effective, Centralized Project Management

Learn how Nomensa, a leading UX design agency in Bristol, was able to effectively manage and track the work of 55 studio employees working across 60 projects on any given day.

Hear from Victoria Freeth, Studio Manager at Nomensa, on the challenges they faced with managing projects and why they chose Workfront and IO Integration.

The Challenge

Nomensa identified that their exisiting project management solution was not meeting their specific needs.

Nomensa employs more than 50 studio staff who work across over 60 projects. Studio manager Victoria Freeth is responsible for managing the resource requests for these projects and ensuring they are all delivered smoothly and on time. She sought out a more efficient project management solution when it became clear the current platform couldn’t meet the business’ needs.

“We’re a user experience agency so usability is key. The solution we were using just wasn’t living up to that. It was cumbersome, slow and not very intuitive. A lot of things in the system weren’t clear or didn’t make sense and, as a result, studio staff were not making full use of it,” she explained.

One of the main problems studio staff were experiencing was the change process; if changes were made to a project they would take time to reflect, causing a number of issues in a business where real-time information is key.

“We were just taking too much time administering the system and there was never any guarantee that when we looked at the data within it, that we were looking at the most up to date information.”

In late 2016 Freeth investigated a number of options, looking at different project management software. “I looked at more than five project management solutions and Workfront stood out largely due to its usability and its straightforward nature. We got in touch with IO Integration to set up a demo and so our relationship with the IO team began.”

After a two-day scoping meeting, IO Integration guided Nomensa through an initial discovery phase to define, refine and finalise the agency’s requirements — which included having a system that studio staff made more use of, and that included bespoke functionality.

“I looked at more than five project management solutions and Workfront stood out largely due to its usability and its straightforward nature. We got in touch with IO Integration to set up a demo and so our relationship with the IO team began.”

-Victoria Freeth, Studio Manager, Nomensa

The Solution

Working with IO Integration to leverage the power of Workfront

The Workfront project management platform enables users to assign the correct resources, connecting the right team members to the right projects and optimising their utilisation. In addition, users can plan and manage the workflow more effectively, and prioritise and manage project requests as the system automatically captures, prioritises and routes these requests depending on the agency’s requirements. Workfront also brings an added element of collaboration to the process while ultimately streamlining the project management workflow within an organisation.

This platform was ideal for Nomensa. In addition to this functionality, Workfront also made it possible for Nomensa to receive customised dashboards for different users. As studio manager, Freeth needed a way to view all resource requests, track new and current projects, while keeping an eye on assigned project managers to specific projects. Heads of department in the studio also needed a specific dashboard in order to track team members, their projects and timesheets.

“The IO Integration team took our requirements into account and put together a plan for the suggested solution, including bespoke functionality like the customised dashboards and a ticketing system that enables different areas of the business to submit resource requests,” said Freeth.

The system was deployed at the end of 2016, running in parallel with the existing platform during a period for staff to get used to using the Workfront software. In January 2017, the studio moved over to Workfront completely.

The Result

Intuitive Interface, more visibility into projects, and powerful analyzation tools

“The result has been great; staff feedback has been good because Workfront is so easy to understand and use. From my point of view there’s more visibility on what’s being done and how long it takes. It’s also a lot easier to access and analyse our project data, and our processes are a lot smoother and clearer.

“The IO Integration team was excellent, really helpful from start to finish and it was clear they really wanted to make a difference and were passionate about getting us the right solution for our requirements,” concludes Freeth.

Nomensa’s Work

See how Nomensa helped Virgin Media with their cutting edge user experience.

Virgin Media Business from Nomensa Bristol on Vimeo.

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