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As the world’s leading integrator for the Xinet digital asset management (DAM) solution, IO Integration offers a set of workflow-centric applications that complement and extend the base Xinet functionality. All IOI Toolbox applications run on the Xinet open architecture and feature easy-to-use interfaces, seamless integration into existing sites and processes, and built-in security to protect sensitive data.

IOI’s development team has decades of experience in creative workflow automation and production. With IOI Toolbox, the team has designed an enterprise-grade, ever evolving set of tools and plug-ins that enhance system administration, data integrity, and collaboration on Xinet systems.
All IOI Toolbox applications are sold individually or may be purchased together as a customized package.

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IOI Tools


The Access tool adds user-management features to Portal, including self-serve user registration and password retrieval and an admin console to observe, modify, and report on user status, permissions, and activity.


  • Language support
  • Asset Fulfillment (AFR) support
  • Capture login information
  • Set site status to offline for maintenance
  • Create a new user via User Admin GUI
  • Set user’s download preference
  • Group selection revamped with intelligence to prevent cross-site-contamination
  • Control contents of nightly maintenance report
  • Batch process revamped, see progress and export out csv file
  • Flash GUIs
  • ULA options expanded. Pre-form, in-form or excluded
  • CAPTCHA updated and now optional
  • Two-tier selection enables designated contacts or domain name
  • Lost credential retrieval, option to display on screen


  • Language support
  • 100% control of text
  • new flash GUI
  • address book
  • html editor for comments
  • hide vdam name and automatically generate a random string
  • user calendar or days, can be hidden and predefined
  • link to assets, directories or current browse location
  • watermark image previews
  • alternate icons for images without previews
  • enhanced anonymous login security
  • link to a different portal site or even a different portal server

Image Mail

Adds a plugin that allows users to send email links to files or collections of files on the Xinet system. Can be configured for guest access that allows external users to view and download files without giving them full access to the system.

Image Mail is a duo purpose module that services two distinct needs:

1. Sharing or linking back to assets when the recipients have volume

  • access to the assets
  • must have volume access
  • links back to the original
  • useful for internal workflows
  • requires authentication

2. Sharing or posting assets when the recipients do not have volume access to the assets being shared

  • a copy of the asset is posted to the vdam
  • links back to these copies
  • time expiration
  • available only via the link in the email
  • maintain all xinet functionality
  • requires authentication (secure!)
  • use for posting files for download, outside contractors, etc
  • automatic authentication option available


Full Featured Reporting

The IO Analytics tools allows administrators to generate comprehensive reports on user activity and assets on the Xinet system using granular criteria, and can set up automatic, scheduled reporting via email.

Key Features

  • Rich graphical analytical data on events or data
  • Event reports based on path, Portal site (needs Access), users, groups
  • Keyword reports based on path and metadata search
  • Search Analysis
  • Interactive charts for Xinet volume disk space
  • Interactive/animated charts for key xinet activity over the last month
  • Email rich graphical scheduled reports with csv files.
  • Transfer csv reports via ftp/scp/http etc on schedule expanded. Pre-form, in-form or excluded
  • CAPTCHA updated and now optional
  • Two-tier selection enables designated contacts or domain name
  • Lost credential retrieval, option to display on screen


IOI’s download module for Xinet is designed to provide to provide predefined image conversion at the file level with the click of a button. By adding this feature to the WebNative application, users can choose the type of file they wish to download directly through the browser by selecting a specified file format which appears below the image. Administrators can configure three different file formats, jpeg, gif and eps, each with their own custom settings for dpi, height, width, etc.


  • quick and easy download predefined jpg, gif, eps formats
  • uses xinet image conversion
  • images that can use custom image order, get the icons
  • use one, two or all three
  • set dpi, color space, height & width ranges
  • this is at the file level, the basket plugin is Xinet’s
Access – Xinet Administration
Analytics Application
Image Mail Module
IOI Xinet Download Module

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