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IO Space


IO Space is a high performance cloud environment for organizations to centralize their Creative Operations infrastructure, and delivers the performance of current market leaders at a fraction of the price, without having to sacrifice security, stability or flexibility.

Scalable, Secure, Reliable Cloud Infrastructure

Superior Technology
Public cloud built with custom hypervisors and Infiniband networking.

Optimized Architecture
Our hyperconverged infrastructure means lower implementation or maintenance costs and improved ROI.

Scalable and Efficient
Super-efficient distributed block storage (DSAN) for fault tolerance, superior performance and cost efficiency.

Built-in Intelligence
Automatic data replication and self healing architecture

A More Reliable Cloud

Automated Failover
Live VM and storage monitoring and intelligent host provisioning to ensure high-availability of resources

Manage Servers, Storage, and Network
Define, provision & manage servers and storage via rich API and CL tools. Network backed, distributed block storage ensures you always have access to your data

High Scalability
Quickly and dynamically scale your cloud resources to match business goals. Pay only for what you need.

Secure and Reliable
Data protection via automatic data replication. Segregated command and control, storage and customer traffic. Self-healing with rapid rollover to minimize downtime.

No Resources Requirments
Fully automated solution includes services and personalized support.

Unmatched Price to Performance Ratio
Dedicated resources. No hidden fees. Choose what you need, pay only what you use.

Platform Design
Proven Xen hypervisor security. Fully redundant, hyperconverged architecture, backed by Infiniband fabric and SSDs.

Physical Infrastructure
Entire hardware infrastructure resides in Equinix Tier 3 SV2 data centre in San Francisco, USA and Equinix Tier 3 SY3 data centre in Sydney, Australia.

IO Space Creative Operations Product and Service Options and Ad-ons

IO Space Products and Services are designed to optimize Creative Operations technologies in a secure cloud environment. These offerings deliver performance, scalability, redundancy, intelligence and security for all of your production requirements.

IO Studio

IO Studio is a unique virtual desktop infrastructure that provides you with local production speeds, in the cloud. To achieve this, your creative production users control high-powered, virtual machines that are hosted in the same data center and on the same high-speed LAN as your hosted applications. This makes it possible to quickly produce content even when file sizes are extremely large, like when performing retouching, compositing, or video editing.

IO Backup

IO Backup is a service that performs incremental backups set to client specifications of application data, marketing assets, virtual machines, or supported data points in IO Space.

IO Drive

IO Drive synchronizes files and folders directly from Xinet to an end user’s Mac. In Xinet Portal, end users choose which files or folders they want to sync and IO Drive automatically sends them directly to their Macs. All edits are automatically synced back to Xinet with options for check-out/check-in workflows and full version control.

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We are continuously developing new products and services for IO Space. You can expect to see the following products soon.

io automate
Integration platform as a service (iPaaS)

io archive
Cold storage archive solution

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