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Ideal for agencies, brand managers, marketing departments, and printers as well as centralized service providers, Aproove is a digital content collaboration solution that delivers everything you need to enable 24/7 online proofing, real-time collaboration, detailed analytics, and digital content access, sharing, approval, and archiving.

Aproove integrates smoothly into your existing website, DAM, MAM, ERP, or MIS system, and it offers an easy-to-use interface that simplifies and streamlines document review, annotation, and approval.

With Aproove, your organization can:

  • Make online collaboration and reviewing quick and easy for all your team members, clients, partners, and collaborators.
  • Collaborate on high-res documents in real time with instant screen notifications, chat, annotation sharing, zoom, and intuitive markup tools.
  • Use efficient project management tools to simplify complex job routing and approvals and automate common production tasks and file processes.  Easily follow your queries, manager feedback using color codes, and make decisions.
  • Easily generate analytics using real-time dashboards, and send reports automatically via email.
  • Count on a lightweight and secure architecture to smoothly integrate with your existing infrastructure.
  • Get a powerful review and approval solution that works with your budget.

Easy online reviewing

  • Quick invitation process—Key users or job managers can invite reviewers on the fly. Invitees receive a custom email in their own language with a link that points to a job or a specific part of a page—no login or password is needed. The process dramatically simplifies job pre-configuration and makes it easy to manage workflow exceptions as well as complex decision workflows.
  • Closed-loop reviewing and micro workflow concept™ — Review initiators can predefine expected feedback for each invitee, and that feedback will trigger actions in the workflow to simplify project management.
  • Feedback management with a “To Do” list — Create a dynamic To Do list that makes it easy to define the type of feedback needed, check status, and follow up with invitees.
  • Version control and display—Aproove uses Time Machine – like functionality to display page versions. When updates or corrections are made, you can see any older version within seconds for a quick before/after comparison. And if you can’t determine the differences, Aproove can display them via red highlights.
  • Powerful annotation flow management—Once you submit a job, all involved users are notified via a custom email. The email invites users to log in to their own interface for annotating and approving individual pages or the entire job. Users can be grouped in closed environments where they can share notes privately, and only the group manager can escalate annotations.

A faster way to annotate

  • Real-time, hi-res zoom and annotation—Aproove instantly streams to any zoom level inside your high-res documents, with no latency. A single annotation tool enables context-sensitive markups of text, images, and layout, so users don’t need training to clearly communicate their feedback.
  • Quicklist — Avoid typing the same feedback over and over and speed up reviews by using a Quicklist of predefined terms and sentences.

More effective collaboration

  • Interactive push technology—You never need to refresh your browser, as new annotations are pushed out automatically for instant viewing.
  • Annotation commenting and chat — Anyone who has access to annotations can comment on them, either publicly or privately, which facilitates a more open, collaborative workflow.
  • Any-device support — Get a fully featured push collaboration experience on Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and even BlackBerries.

Powerful workflow

  • Section management in flatplan view—With a simple drag and drop, you can easily manage complex approval jobs by grouping pages or assets for review. Restrict access to parts of a job using options like Read/Write, Read Only, No Access, and Hidden, and display pages in groups like Chapter, Forms, and TOC.
  • Workflow automation with actions and states—A powerful Triggers & Actions engine delivers automation of files, jobs, invitations, tree management, and email notifications. Set up triggers to completely automate tasks like archiving, deletion, moving files, copying files to a particular folder, and more.
  • Hot folder management & DropZone app—Aproove can manage an unlimited number of hot folders on any remote processing engine. Access hot folders remotely using the Aproove DropZone app, which uses a multi-threaded local upload and compression engine. Simply drop a file, and Aproove will take care of the job submission.

Easy management

  • Streamlined job submission—When working within your local network, you don’t need to upload files to the Aproove server. Aproove Agent picks up files from your local file server or directly from your computer, consolidating multiple production sites into one web front-end and making the job submission process easy.
  • Support for standard file formats, including PDF, TIFF, JPEG, DCS, movies, DPX, and websites — Designed to integrate into existing creative workflows, Aproove uses genuine Adobe libraries for trouble-free interpretation of PDF files. Aproove also supports DCS-TIFF files, TIFF (8, 16, 24, and 32 bit), and JPEG files (24 and 32 bit). All of these formats are “contract” proof formats for 100% reliable approvals. (Other native formats like PSD and AI are not reliable for “contract” approvals, since no genuine API is available from Adobe.) Aproove supports more than 80 video formats, including broadcast quality codecs like Apple ProRes 422 HQ. Websites are directly supported as well–all you need is a URL for Aproove to analyze and render a site accurately and with full hyperlink support.

Lightweight and secure architecture

  • Multi-platform client—Aproove runs on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry platforms with no installs, plug-ins, or firewall configuration necessary.
  • Secure access across multiple locations—Aproove is accessed using a standard login ID and password, and administration is done via a web browser. Aproove consists of a web front-end and a job- processing engine that runs on your local network. If you have multiple production locations, simply add an agent to your remote production site’s file server and then browse it and manage those remote locations from a single, secure web front-end.
  • Small hardware footprint, friendly to virtual environments, and cloud-ready—On an average server, Aproove can handle hundreds to thousands of users as well as thousands of processed pages per day. Add users without adding hardware. The only limit is your license, which can be scaled to meet your needs without any hidden costs. Aproove runs well on virtual machines, which means you can run it in a public or private cloud right out of the box.

Simple and flexible pricing

Two licensing options — Choose a perpetual license to buy the software outright, or choose a term license to rent the software by the quarter. In either case, there are no hidden costs or licensing complexities.


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