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A streamlined work management solution that unites the entire team, eliminates communication breakdown, and speeds broken processes.

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A busy enterprise is a good thing. But as the number of projects grows, so can the number of meetings, emails, phone calls, change requests, project resets, and strategic re-prioritizations. When it’s hard to manage all of the moving parts and get visibility into project status, it’s easy to miss deadlines and blow budgets—and then your business and your customers suffer.

Workfront (formerly AtTask) is designed to help enterprise teams—from marketing to IT to executive leadership—eliminate project chaos and gain greater visibility company-wide. The solution combines social media features with traditional project management capabilities to foster productivity, collaboration, motivation, and results. With Workfront, you can fully engage team members while giving management the information they need to optimize resources.

Xinet and Workfront United!

With FrontView users can seemlessly integrate the Xinet Digital Asset Managment system with WorkFront's Project Managment solution.

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FrontView: A Unified View of Workfront and Xinet


Portfolio, program, and project management for your whole team

Workfront brings you the information you need to get your team working on the projects that will make the biggest impact to your business



In Workfront, a project is more than a task list—it’s a living, breathing workspace

Plan for success

Project and portfolio management

Manage tasks, deadlines, and issues in one, easy-to-view space.

Resource management

Balance the workload and maximize the efficiency of your team.

Capacity planning

Allocate your available resources to current and future projects.

Gantt charts

Maximize visibility and resources with interactive, real-time Gantt charts.

Agile project management

Work the way you want with Agile, Waterfall, or a mix of the two.

Make work flow


Workflow automation—Manage the lifecycle of work from point A to Z. No status meeting required.

Starting at the beginning, everything from help desk requests to the business case for a strategic software project can originate in the Request Queue. Your customized options will send the right work to the right team, app developer, QA engineer, etc. IT or other enterprise teams can then turn the request into a project and spec out the details to get that work done—in an Agile, Waterfall, or mixed work environment. The Request Queue automates the routing process of where each request should go, taking the guesswork out of prioritizing and assigning new work.

Request management—Streamline and effectively manage your work from the get-go.

More than a series of static checkboxes or text fields, the Workfront intelligent request queue provides insight into a work request without requiring the user to wade through irrelevant form sections. With “cascading” fields that dynamically appear based on previous selections, work requests are simpler to create and easier to fulfill. And when requests arise through natural conversation and collaboration, Workfront shortcuts let you turn a comment or status update into a task or change an existing task into a full project.

Approvals—Add control and consistency to your approval process.

Within each project or task, approval workflows can be found in a single tab. Even with multiple approvals, this creates a central space to review collected approvals and the unfortunate case of rejections. Approvals can also be found on your My Work page—this aggregates all of your pending approvals and your requested approvals so you can keep up-to-date on each status.

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Get everyone involved


Team collaboration

Utilize one solution for all project and ad-hoc communication.

Document management

Organize, access, and share your documents in one, easy-to-find location.

Social recognition

Recognize good work and provide real-time feedback to your employees.

Work Your Way

Mobile Access

Outlook Integration

My Work Queue


Mobile access - Manage work and requests from your smartphone or tablet.

With Workfront mobile apps, IT and other enterprise teams can collaborate and move work forward, wherever they are. Whether it’s logging project time from home, updating the status of an implementation project from the road, or accepting a time-sensitive assignment during the commute, Workfront has you covered. And with an interface optimized for today’s popular iOS and Android devices, you can give employees the flexibility they demand. So don’t hesitate to go wherever the work (or life) takes you; Workfront will follow.

Outlook integration—Manage work requests, projects, and updates right from Outlook.

Your Working On folder in Outlook is synced with the same list in Workfront. In other words, it contains all the work requests you’ve accepted via email or Workfront all in one place. From here, you can see which you’ve accepted and which need to be prioritized. You can assign a request to a team member, choose a deadline for it, or drag it up or down the list to determine its priority, so you don’t have to worry about losing it among all your other requests or getting in the way of more important tasks. All of this happens in Outlook, so you never have to go back and forth from your email to Workfront.

My work queue—View all of your tasks in one place and tackle the right work first.

Day-to-day productivity is paramount to any development, deployment, or implementation process. But too many employees default to the easiest work or the latest firedrill while procrastinating the rest. Let Workfront amp up their efficiency with a work management dashboard that will guide them through the thorniest project with ease. From the “My Work” queue, they can drill down into each task to post documents or updates, report on progress or task completion, manage subtasks and related issues, and more.

Report the right data

When a single report isn’t enough, combine multiple reports and create a dashboard that you can set as your home page. Building a custom dashboard is as simple as choosing a layout and dragging and dropping the relevant reports. You can share dashboards with colleagues—or create one you’d like an entire team or company to use. And for executives on the go, there’s the Workfront View app, a custom dashboard designed specifically for the iPad.


Notifications and updates

Report status and keep everyone up-to-date without filling their inboxes.

  • Cut Back on Status Meetings
  • Notify the Right People
  • Stay Connected on the Go

Reports and dashboards

Gather the right data and customize your view for ultimate visibility.

  • Build Reports that Don’t Take a Village
  • Inform Yourself—and Others—of Your Team’s Value

Time tracking

Log time on projects, tasks, and issues for accurate billing and reporting.

  • Log Time for All Work and Time Off
  • Maximize Mobile Access
  • Report the Right Data

Secure in the Cloud

The enterprise-grade security features of Workfront provide ongoing peace of mind.

Enterprise-grade security

Guarantee peace of mind with a solution that is secure.

Integrations and API

Eliminate silos of information with a single source of truth.

Data Encryption at Rest

Unique in the industry, Workfront’s 256-bit encryption at rest (and in transit) enables enterprise customers with regulatory compliance requirements (like HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, FISMA, and others) to confidently use the Workfront Enterprise Work Cloud.

Performance Guarantee

Workfront guarantees that our performance will meet or exceed industry standards in load times and response times. It’s peace of mind to help you sleep at night

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