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Marketing and creative teams are realizing the benefits of moving their workloads to the cloud, and the rate at which these organizations are adopting and dedicating large portions of their budgets to cloud technology is steadily increasing.

Is your organization ready to make the move to the cloud?

In this Ebook, you’ll learn:

Core Steps of the Cloud Migration Journey

What to Have in Place Prior to a Cloud Migration

Amid the “Great Resignation,” businesses of all kinds are struggling to attract and retain valuable talent in the creative operations space. As the modern job seeker has drastically evolved, employers need to adjust their views on what it means to be an attractive place to work for the right talent.

Top Considerations When Selecting a DAM

SaaS vs. On-Prem vs Hybrid
Infrastructure, scalability, and security

Implementing a DAM for Enterprises

The Crawl, Walk, Run approach

How do you unlock success for creatives and empower them to do what they love? Get your copy of “Thriving in Creative Chaos” and learn what a creative looks for in technology, and how to implement technology for creative operations that they will love.

In this book, we’ll discuss:

• How to understand your creatives
• What a creative looks for in technology
• How to roll-out technology to a creative team

The Project Manager’s Guide to
Building the Best Creative Operations

The average Internet user sees hundreds or thousands of images, videos, music clips, animations, and more on a daily basis. While this multimedia content is effective and compelling, making good use of it is no easy feat for business with large volumes of digital assets. According to a 2015 survey, organizations estimate that one-third of their digital assets go unused or underutilized. As companies’ troves of big data grow bigger and bigger, your employees shouldn’t feel like they’re suiting up for an archaeological dig every time they need to locate an important piece of content.

Welcome to the Age of Creative Operations

Today’s business landscape is more competitive than ever before, and companies have to work hard just to stand out from the pack. In these circumstances, creativity can become a key differentiator for your organization. 82 percent of executives agree that companies benefit from creativity (although 61 percent of them don’t see their own company as creative).

Creating efficient, reliable and secure approval processes

While most organizations have implemented systems for managing digital assets and content, many are still findng a bottleneck in getting their content approved in a timely manner. Learn how implementing the appropriate approval process and the right technology can dramatically increase your time to market.

eclaim lost revenue with effective project management tools

Find out how a project management solution will allow your organization to identify areas of the business or practices that are leaking money such as ineffective resource planning, tracking billable hours and overrunning on allocated project hours. 

Improving Productivity and Growth Through Automation

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of B2B organizations say they will be generating more assets in 2018 than they did in 2017. The need for more content is driven by a number of factors – increasing competition, improving the customer experience and ensuring all avenues in the omni-channel environment are covered. There is an “always-on” demand, for up to date rolling content that contributes to this troubling trend for brands.

Semantic databases are part of the next evolution of Asset Management, they are aimed at datasets that are geared toward dealing with many more distribution channels and connect an entire organization to a single source of truth.

Download our white paper to learn more about how you can make your assets work for you and your organization.

When a company is deciding whether to adopt a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, it’s the CFO who will need to give the green light. In his whitepaper “Winning CFO Backing for DAM,” creative technology specialist Richard Carroll takes a look at the why’s and how’s of winning a CFO’s approval for DAM. Read Carroll’s insightful whitepaper “Winning CFO Backing for DAM” by clicking on the link below.

Review and approval workflows, even when they utilize digital rather than printed proofs, can suffer from a litany of hurdles. There may be confusion over which team member is currently reviewing a deliverable, and where it is in the approval process. In addition, the look and feel of a product may change due to differences in equipment calibration or hardware displays. And at some work sites, it is difficult to provide feedback in a collaborative way, since team members cannot engage in simultaneous reviews or even view each other’s notes.

With new channels and new techniques, marketing today is more powerful – and more complex – than ever. That means more information for CMOs to track and manage.

Content marketing hubs serve as a crucial tool in addressing this complexity. To learn how a content marketing hub can streamline your work, download the free white paper “3 Reasons Why CMOs Can’t Survive Without a Content Marketing Hub.”

In this new marketing landscape of information overload across video, email and social, personalization is rapidly becoming the most effective way to get your messages heard. By creating a 1:1 marketing relationship with your customers, personalization increases conversion rates and sales.

Getting started with digital asset management and workflow automation? This whitepaper lays the ground rules and must-know information for anyone who is considering implementing a digital asset management system into their workflow.

Creative organizations are looking to streamline omni-channel marketing efforts on a global scale. This guide details 5 steps to achieving measurable and lasting success with workflow automation solutions.


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