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Colleges and universities across the world rely on their digital strategies and visual content to increase recruitment, drive funding and engage with students and alumni. But, when faced with multiple teams and channels, it can be a challenge to ensure all visuals and marketing materials remain consistent.

Digital Asset Management helps solve this problem, enabling colleges and universities to better manage and distribute their media, visuals, content and communications materials across departments, programs, campuses and partners.

Better Connect with
Students and Alumni

Build a strong visual presence with a growing library of photos, videos and marketing material.

Enable Brand Consistency Across Campuses

Share on-brand logos and marketing material across departments, programs and locations.

Manage Media Releases and User Rights

Connect your media and content to relevant model release forms.

Organize and distribute marketing collateral

  • Aggregate all your campus, sporting and event images, logos and videos in a single media library
  • Establish access permissions, user rights and structures for students, staff and more

Power asset ingestion and discovery with AI

  • Accelerate asset ingestion and tagging with Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) at the level that’s right for your business (Packaged/Guided/Specialized)
  • Enable users to search images by color, number of people, gender, age and more leveraging Microsoft Cognitive AI services and Machine Learning
  • Enrich video assets data with face and visual objects detection, use visual text recognition, text extraction and automatically translated captions

Enable campuses and partners with self-serve access

  • Enable users to find the content they need using event name, program, and other unique identifiers with advanced search
  • Save and share frequently used searches, filtered by asset name, color, approval status, star rating, date, file type and more

Collaborate across global offices and departments

  • Build cohesive marketing material, with access to photographs, logos and content from within existing programs, like InDesign and Photoshop
  • Enable marketing and event coordinators with customizable, print-ready templates for brochures, newsletters, reports and recruitment material

Higher education challenges we help solve

Managing brand consistency and reputation across departments, programs and campuses

Connecting with potential students, donors and alumni, across multiple channels

Maintaining a growing library of fundraising, event, sporting and alumni media

Managing and tracking media rights, when using photos and videos of students

Building marketing content quickly among siloed marketing and IT departments

Storing historic and out-of-date photos and videos from past events and years

Benefits colleges and universities see with a DAM

Easily organize and find content using keywords, categories, colors and more

Ensure only on-brand material is used across all campuses and departments

Enable employees, students and partners with worldwide access to resources

Connect media with relevant model release forms, ensuring all media rights are tracked

Improve time to market on new content without the need to request media from IT

Preserve important historic content to save and restore the school’s legacy

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