Sales and marketing departments in the manufacturing industries face much more unique challenges than other verticals. Manufacturers range from hi-tech electronics to mechanical devices for industrial purposes and everything in between. Their marketing needs are as diverse as the products they offer.

The challenge lies deep in the details of all of the digital information that needs to be managed. These assets can range from individual components that are a part of larger pieces of equipment in a B2B environment to fully developed products marketed directly to consumers. Delivering the right content to the right audience is key, especially across multiple channels. Not only are manufacturers tasked with reaching the right audience with the right message, they need to make sure that all communications are consistent — the right images, logos and offers. This becomes even more difficult when having to deliver in multiple languages across a complete range of digital and print media.

With so many stakeholders involved in the process, from in-house marketing teams to external agencies and regional offices, the creation, management and distribution of content can be a significant challenge.

IO Integration has the expertise and experience in helping manufacturers identify their marketing technology needs and selecting the most appropriate solutions to ensure maximum effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency with their marketing department’s business objectives.


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