IOI helps retailers boost marketing effectiveness and improve the bottom line.

A whopping 60% of all consumer goods are bought on the strength of their brand communications (Millard Brown). In fact, 94% of customers that have a positive buying experience become repeat customers (CEB). So how can you increase the effectiveness of your brand marketing to get an edge on your competitors and improve your bottom line?

Break through the clutter
Connect with consumers

In order to break through the clutter and connect with consumers in meaningful ways, you need to speak directly to their needs and wishes. And the best way to do this is with personalized marketing.

When you integrate data about your customers’ buying preferences and past purchase behavior into the communications you send them, you’ll increase engagement, interaction, conversion rates and sales. And when you engage with IOI, you’ll get a thorough education on the current and emerging technologies you can implement to automate your content marketing processes and cost-effectively deliver high-impact, personalized communications across all marketing touchpoints.

IOI helps big-box retailer boost sales by $10M

In partnership with IOI, a top U.S. big-box retailer implemented a solution based on censhare and ExactTarget Marketing Cloud and achieved the following results:

  • Found personalized email content with over 50 variations increased conversion rate by 150% and increase revenue by $10M.
  • Reduced production time 85% down to 4 hours for personalized daily email offer, while increasing to over 50 variations.
  • Cut time to produce weekly newspaper advertising inserts and direct mail offers from 6 months to 4 months with a third less dedicated staff than previously required.

Our retail solutions include:

  • The censhare enterprise content management system (CMS), which enables you to create, manage, personalize, localize, and publish consistent, engaging customer experiences across a complete range of digital and print touchpoints. censhare offers a completely automated targeting solution for tailoring all retail communications to the recipient.
  • The North Plains Xinet digital asset management (DAM) solution, which offers centralized access to all of the creative assets your distributed team members need to build a project or campaign.
  • The Aproove online proofing and collaboration system, which speeds up review and approval cycles by giving your team members everything they need to access, review, mark up, and sign off on high-res documents.
  • DALIM TWIST, which replaces manual, multi-step processes for converting, checking, and distributing files with fast, fully automated workflows that help ensure quality.
  • The DALIM ES server, which automates review and approval workflows to deliver improved collaboration for your distributed retail teams, allowing anyone with a web-enabled device to quickly review and approve media assets and track approval status.


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