Creating seamless experiences for consumers

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Engage customers, create personalized  experiences and build relationships while consumers evaluate, purchase, experience and advocate for brands.

Prior to creating multichannel marketing campaigns, brands need to truly understand the identities and habits of their consumers.  Collecting and analyzing this data is paramount.  Delivering multi-channel marketing campaigns is the icing on the cake.

The analysts, content creators and distribution experts at IOI guide brands on how to take incremental steps to achieve these goals.  Identifying consumers, creating meaningful connections, tracking behaviors and modifying campaigns require the integration of numerous platforms and processes.  The value of harnessing this power to catapult brands to the next level makes it an investment worth making.

Managing your customer’s experience

It’s incredibly important to provide your customers and prospects with a great experience wherever they encounter your brand, whether on roadside billboards, your website, ads they see in their smartphone apps, or posts on Twitter and Facebook. 

That’s not easy to do when your teams are all using different technology systems. So how can you be sure that all your marketing content looks, sounds, and feels the same—and has the same spirit and message everywhere?

Why adopt a Digital Experience Management solution?

  • Easily search, share, manage, and control all your digital assets.
  • Reduce publishing errors—no more publishing outdated, off-brand, or unlicensed assets.
  • Ensure that there’s accurate product information in all your marketing content.
  • Present your brand consistently by letting teams customize templates that uphold brand standards.
  • Speed up review processes with anytime, anywhere proofing and approvals.

An effective DXM solution should contain the following components

Digital Asset

Product Information Management

Brand Management

Content Management

Review & Approval

Collaboration and
Process Management

Multi-Channel Marketing

Analytics & Reporting)

The Future of Marketing: Semantic Databases in Simple Terms

Visual and Digital Asset Management solution database structures as we know them, have been around since the early 1990’s. We can all agree that these databases have proven their value and revolutionized the way marketing and creative departments have been able to manage, collaborate, and distribute their digital assets. These relational databases are very well suited to flat data layouts, where relationships between data is one or two levels deep. But what if you are looking for a true enterprise level database that creates relationships with ALL of your assets throughout the entire organization?

Enter the Semantic or Graph Database. These databases are part of the next evolution of Asset Management, they are aimed at datasets that are geared toward dealing with many more distribution channels and connect an entire organization to a single source of truth.

IO Integration can help

IO Integration collaborates with our clients to understand future goals while creating plans to deliver on KPI’s in a phased approach manner.  Sunsetting applications and launching new solutions to cater to personalized Digital Experiences requires constant diligence, enthusiasm for change, a dedication to “future-proofing”  your technology stack and modifying marketing strategies based upon numerous data outputs.


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