Engaging customers with meaningful content across numerous touch-points

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Inspire, build confidence and create relationships with customers throughout their purchasing cycle, with relevant content at key moments.

Engaging dialogue with customers

Managing the milestones of a customer’s purchasing journey while orchestrating messages that will continue to inspire (and not frustrate) them throughout the process — while they are online, in their car, or reading the news — can make even the best marketers feel like they are walking on a tightrope.  

When sophisticated marketing strategies are combined with solutions that aid in budget planning, project management, content creation, delivery and distribution, marketers can track projects, teams and results to guage and react to the needs of their consumers.

IO Integration can help

Our experts in marketing and technology understand the complexity of planning and delivering omni-channel campaigns, and the level of coordination and collaboration required from multiple departments, agencies and distribution points. Through meaningful integrations and well-designed workflows, individuals and teams can stay focused on delivering results with fewer distractions.

Why enhance your ecosystem to support multi-channel marketing?

  • Brand consistency across all content within a campaign
  • Repurpose content while controlling rights management
  • Manage logistics of content creation from budgets, resources, production and delivery
  • Centralize project management for transparency and accountability
  • Quickly deliver content to all customer touch points

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Streamlined Marketing

Improving productivity and growth through automation

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of B2B organizations say they will be generating more assets in 2018 than they did in 2017. The need for more content is driven by a number of factors – increasing competition, improving the customer experience and ensuring all avenues in the omni-channel environment are covered. There is an “always-on” demand, for up to date rolling content that contributes to this troubling trend for brands.

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