Take control of your projects and resources so everyone has the information and visibility they need

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Your creative organization has dozens if not hundreds of projects going at any given time, and they’re each made up of thousands of individual tasks.

That can mean your team members spend large parts of each day in meetings, phone calls, email and chat just trying to keep up with everyone’s status, communicate changes, and manage the time and resources involved in a project.

The proper project management technology enables you to take control of your projects and resources so everyone has the information and visibility they need to stay focused and on schedule.

With a constant flow of new project requests, strategy resets, scope changes, project re-prioritizations, and seemingly endless review cycles, things can get chaotic fast.

Management by spreadsheet just doesn’t cut it when working on a large volume of projects. It’s all too easy to miss deadlines and blow budgets when your team members don’t have a clear view of what’s going on and what’s expected of them.

Why adopt a Project & Resource Management solution?

Streamline kickoff process. Organize, prioritize, and manage projects.

Track workloads and performance. Easily assign and reassign resources with drag-and-drop.

Use the methodology that works best for you—agile, waterfall, or a combination of the two.

Give project team a clear view of their own work priorities, progress, and contributions

Proof digital assets online and streamline approvals with easy routing.

Create custom, real-time reports to maintain transparency, justify staffing and budget needs, and prove value.

Integrate your solution with your other workflow tools for maximum efficiency.

Keep clients in the loop with real time collaboration for every work item.

IO Integration can help

We have years of experience helping creative organizations of all sizes take control of their project management and digital asset resources. Count on us to bring order to your world with an intuitive system
that makes it simple to gather and prioritize project requests, assign the right resources,
inform team members of their responsibilities, route projects for review and approval, and
create reports to track projects, resources, budgets, schedules, and more.

Testimonial – Project Management

Learn how Nomensa, a leading UX design agency in Bristol, was able to effectively manage and track the work of 55 studio employees working across 60 projects on any given day.

Hear directly from Victoria Freeth, Studio Manager at Nomensa, on the challenges they faced with managing projects and why they chose Workfront and IO Integration.

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White Paper

Stop the Rot: Reclaim lost revenue with
effective project management tools

In this Whitepaper you will learn how the right project
management tool can ensure you are maximizing time and
resources to help your bottom line.

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