Review and collaborate your projects online in real-time

Eliminate the bottlenecks in
your workflow.
Online collaboration of the review and approval process can dramatically reduce your time to market.

Review and approval workflows, even when they utilize a digital process, can suffer from a litany of hurdles. From confusion about who is currently tasked to review a project, to learning the status of the projects in the approval process, this component of the workflow is often one of the greater challenges in making sure work is completed on time.

Many companies are turning to online proofing and collaboration solutions to improve their productivity. By reducing these challenges they can ensure deadlines are met.

A solution for all needs

There are a variety of digital collaboration solutions on the market, and they offer a wide range of features and benefits. Some are complete workflow automation solutions offering a high degree of customization, others are more focused and address only the most common review and approval scenarios.

The most effective solutions offer the following set of workflow features and benefits:

  • Access to content via a web browser
  • Simultaneous review by multiple contributors
  • High-resolution viewing and zooming
  • Intuitive annotation and mark-up tools
  • Project management
  • Version control
  • Analytics
  • Security

The Benefits of an Online Review & Approval solution

Speed to Market

Never miss a deadline because your project is awaiting approval. Alerts & triggers allow key stakeholders and production teams to always know where a project is and stay on task.

Competitive Advantage

Because these solutions enable you to more rapidly finalize approvals, your organization can respond to customer needs and offer an agile approach to turning work around.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate printing, shipping and save time all while adapting a much greener and more environmentally conscious approach to approving your work.

Creative Collaboration

By allowing creative teams and stakeholders to collaborate on projects in real time, you keep everyone focused and encourage productive dialogue and teamwork.

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Managing the Review and Approval of Digital Assets

Creating efficient, reliable and secure approval processes
While most organizations have implemented systems for managing digital assets and content, many are still findng a bottleneck in getting their content approved in a timely manner. Learn how implementing the appropriate approval process and the right technology can dramatically increase your time to market.

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Aproove integrates smoothly into your existing system and offers an easy-to-use interface that simplifies and streamlines document review, annotation, and approval.

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